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March 1st, 2006 (March 01 2006)EventTarja Halonen is inaugurated as President of Finland for the second and last time.
March 1st, 2006 (March 01 2006)EventEnglish-language Wikipedia reaches its one millionth article, Jordanhill railway station.
March 1st, 2006 (March 01 2006)DeathPeter Osgood, English footballer (born in 1947)
March 1st, 2006 (March 01 2006)DeathHarry Browne, American politician and author (born in 1933)Harry Browne Quotes
March 1st, 2006 (March 01 2006)DeathJohnny Jackson, American musician (born in 1951)
March 1st, 1986 (March 01 1986)EventLucius Cornelius Sulla, at the head of a Roman Republic army, enters in Athens, removing the tyrant Aristion who was supported by troops of Mithridates VI of Pontus.Lucius Cornelius Sulla Quotes
March 1st, 1986 (March 01 1986)BirthJonathan Spector, American soccer player
March 1st, 1976 (March 01 1976)BirthPeter F. Bell, Australian rules footballer
March 1st, 1976 (March 01 1976)BirthDave Malkoff, American TV News Reporter
March 1st, 1966 (March 01 1966)EventVenera 3 Soviet space probe crashes on Venus becoming the first spacecraft to land on another planet s surface.
March 1st, 1966 (March 01 1966)EventThe Ba ath Party takes power in Syria.
March 1st, 1966 (March 01 1966)BirthSusan Auch, Canadian speed-skater
March 1st, 1966 (March 01 1966)DeathFritz Houtermans, German physicist (born in 1903)
March 1st, 1956 (March 01 1956)EventThe International Air Transport Association finalizes a draft of the Radiotelephony spelling alphabet for the International Civil Aviation Organization.
March 1st, 1956 (March 01 1956)Eventformation of the National People s Army
March 1st, 1956 (March 01 1956)BirthTimothy Daly, American actor
March 1st, 1946 (March 01 1946)EventThe Bank of England is nationalised.
March 1st, 1946 (March 01 1946)BirthLana Wood, American actress
March 1st, 1946 (March 01 1946)BirthGerry Boulet, French-Canadian singer (died in 1990)
March 1st, 1946 (March 01 1946)BirthElvin Bethea, American football player
March 1st, 1936 (March 01 1936)EventThe Hoover Dam is completed.
March 1st, 1936 (March 01 1936)EventA strike occurs aboard the S.S. California, leading to the demise of the International Seamen s Union and the creation of the National Maritime Union.
March 1st, 1936 (March 01 1936)BirthMonique Begin, French-Canadian politician
March 1st, 1936 (March 01 1936)BirthJean-Edern Hallier, French author (died in 1997)
March 1st, 1936 (March 01 1936)DeathMikhail Kuzmin, Russian writer (born in 1871)
March 1st, 1926 (March 01 1926)BirthRobert Clary, French-born actor
March 1st, 1926 (March 01 1926)BirthPete Rozelle, American commissioner of the NFL (died in 1996)
March 1st, 1926 (March 01 1926)BirthCesare Danova, Italian-born American actor (died in 1992)
March 1st, 1906 (March 01 1906)DeathJose Maria de Pereda, Spanish novelist (born in 1833)
March 1st, 1896 (March 01 1896)EventBattle of Adowa: an Ethiopian army defeats an outnumbered Italian force, ending the First Italo-Ethiopian War.
March 1st, 1896 (March 01 1896)EventHenri Becquerel discovers radioactivity.
March 1st, 1896 (March 01 1896)BirthDimitris Mitropoulos, Greek conductor and composer (died in 1960)
March 1st, 1896 (March 01 1896)BirthMoriz Seeler, German writer and producer (died in 1942)
March 1st, 1886 (March 01 1886)EventThe Anglo-Chinese School, Singapore is founded by Bishop William Oldham.
March 1st, 1886 (March 01 1886)BirthOskar Kokoschka, Austrian painter and poet (died in 1980)
March 1st, 1876 (March 01 1876)BirthHenri de Baillet-Latour, Belgian IOC president (died in 1942)
March 1st, 1836 (March 01 1836)EventA Convention of delegates from 57 Texas communities convenes in Washington-on-the-Brazos, Texas, to deliberate independence from Mexico.
March 1st, 1706 (March 01 1706)DeathHeino Heinrich Graf von Flemming, German field marshal and Governor of Berlin (born in 1632)
March 1st, 1546 (March 01 1546)DeathGeorge Wishart, Scottish religious reformer (martyred) (b 1513)
March 1st, 1536 (March 01 1536)DeathBernardo Accolti, Italian poet (born in 1465)
March 1st, 1456 (March 01 1456)BirthKing Ladislaus II of Bohemia and Hungary (died in 1516)
March 1st, 0986 (March 01 0986)DeathKing Lothair of France (born in 941)
March 1st, 0286 (March 01 0286)EventRoman Emperor Diocletian raises Maximian to the rank of Caesar.

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