March 1st All Events

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March 1st, 2040 (March 01 2040)BirthMartial, Latin poet (died in 102) Martial Quotes
March 1st, 2007 (March 01 2007)EventTornadoes swarm across the southern United States, killing at least 20; eight of the deaths were at a high school in Enterprise, Alabama.
March 1st, 2007 (March 01 2007)Event"Squatters" are evicted from Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen, Denmark, provoking the March 2007 Denmark Riots.
March 1st, 2006 (March 01 2006)EventTarja Halonen is inaugurated as President of Finland for the second and last time.
March 1st, 2006 (March 01 2006)EventEnglish-language Wikipedia reaches its one millionth article, Jordanhill railway station.
March 1st, 2006 (March 01 2006)DeathPeter Osgood, English footballer (born in 1947)
March 1st, 2006 (March 01 2006)DeathHarry Browne, American politician and author (born in 1933)Harry Browne Quotes
March 1st, 2006 (March 01 2006)DeathJohnny Jackson, American musician (born in 1951)
March 1st, 2005 (March 01 2005)DeathPeter Malkin Israeli secret agent (born in 1927)
March 1st, 2004 (March 01 2004)EventTerry Nichols is convicted of state murder charges and being an accomplice to Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.
March 1st, 2004 (March 01 2004)EventMohammed Bahr al-Uloum becomes President of Iraq.
March 1st, 2003 (March 01 2003)EventManagement of the United States Customs Service and the United States Secret Service move to the United States Department of Homeland Security.
March 1st, 2002 (March 01 2002)EventU.S. invasion of Afghanistan: Operation Anaconda begins in eastern Afghanistan.
March 1st, 2002 (March 01 2002)EventThe Envisat environmental satellite successfully reaches an orbit 800 kilometers (500 miles) above the Earth on its 11th launch, carrying the heaviest payload to date at 8500 kilograms (9.5 tons).
March 1st, 2002 (March 01 2002)EventThe peseta is discontinued as official currency of Spain and is replaced with the euro (?).
March 1st, 2000 (March 01 2000)EventThe Constitution of Finland is rewritten.
March 1st, 2000 (March 01 2000)EventHans Blix assumes the position of Executive Chairman of UNMOVIC.Hans Blix Quotes
March 1st, 2000 (March 01 2000)DeathDennis Danell, American guitarist (Social Distortion) (born in 1961)
March 1st, 1995 (March 01 1995)EventPolish Prime Minister Waldemar Pawlak resigns from parliament and is replaced by ex-communist Jozef Oleksy.
March 1st, 1995 (March 01 1995)DeathVladislav Listyev, Russian television journalist (born in 1956)
March 1st, 1995 (March 01 1995)DeathGeorges J.F. Kohler, German biologist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (born in 1946)
March 1st, 1992 (March 01 1992)EventBosnia and Herzegovina declares its independence from Yugoslavia.
March 1st, 1991 (March 01 1991)DeathEdwin H. Land, American scientist and inventor (Polaroid Corporation) (born in 1909)
March 1st, 1990 (March 01 1990)EventSteve Jackson Games is raided by the United States Secret Service, prompting the later formation of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
March 1st, 1990 (March 01 1990)BirthHarry Eden, English actor
March 1st, 1990 (March 01 1990)BirthNikolas Tsattalios, Australian soccer player
March 1st, 1989 (March 01 1989)EventThe United States becomes a member of the Berne Convention copyright treaty.
March 1st, 1989 (March 01 1989)BirthSonya Kitchell, American singer
March 1st, 1989 (March 01 1989)BirthCarlos Vela, Mexican footballer
March 1st, 1988 (March 01 1988)BirthKatija Pevec, American actress
March 1st, 1988 (March 01 1988)DeathJoe Besser, American comedian and actor (born in 1907)
March 1st, 1987 (March 01 1987)BirthSammie, American singer
March 1st, 1986 (March 01 1986)EventLucius Cornelius Sulla, at the head of a Roman Republic army, enters in Athens, removing the tyrant Aristion who was supported by troops of Mithridates VI of Pontus.Lucius Cornelius Sulla Quotes
March 1st, 1986 (March 01 1986)BirthJonathan Spector, American soccer player
March 1st, 1985 (March 01 1985)BirthAndreas Ottl, German footballer
March 1st, 1985 (March 01 1985)BirthJ Leman, American Football Player
March 1st, 1984 (March 01 1984)BirthNaima Mora, American model
March 1st, 1984 (March 01 1984)BirthAlexander Steen, Canadian-born Swedish ice hockey player
March 1st, 1984 (March 01 1984)DeathJackie Coogan, American actor (born in 1914)
March 1st, 1983 (March 01 1983)BirthDaniel Carvalho, Brazilian footballer
March 1st, 1983 (March 01 1983)BirthElan Sara DeFan, Mexican singer-songwriter
March 1st, 1983 (March 01 1983)BirthChris Hackett, English footballer
March 1st, 1983 (March 01 1983)BirthBlake Hawksworth, Canadian baseball player
March 1st, 1981 (March 01 1981)BirthAna Hickmann, Brazilian supermodel
March 1st, 1981 (March 01 1981)BirthAdam LaVorgna, American actor
March 1st, 1981 (March 01 1981)BirthWill Power, Australian racing driver
March 1st, 1981 (March 01 1981)BirthBrad Winchester, American ice hockey player
March 1st, 1980 (March 01 1980)EventVoyager 1 probe confirms that Janus (moon of Saturn) exists.
March 1st, 1980 (March 01 1980)BirthShahid Afridi, Pakistani cricketer
March 1st, 1980 (March 01 1980)BirthAbdur Rehman, Pakistani cricketer
March 1st, 1980 (March 01 1980)BirthDjimi Traore, Malian footballer
March 1st, 1980 (March 01 1980)DeathDixie Dean, English footballer (born in 1907)
March 1st, 1980 (March 01 1980)DeathWilhelmina, high-fashion model and owner of model agency (born in 1940)
March 1st, 1979 (March 01 1979)DeathMustafa Barzani, Kurdish politician (born in 1903)
March 1st, 1978 (March 01 1978)BirthJensen Ackles, American actor
March 1st, 1978 (March 01 1978)BirthDonovan Patton, Guamanian television star
March 1st, 1978 (March 01 1978)BirthAlicia Leigh Willis, American actress
March 1st, 1977 (March 01 1977)BirthRens Blom, Dutch athlete
March 1st, 1977 (March 01 1977)BirthEsther Canadas, Spanish actress and supermodel
March 1st, 1976 (March 01 1976)BirthPeter F. Bell, Australian rules footballer
March 1st, 1976 (March 01 1976)BirthDave Malkoff, American TV News Reporter
March 1st, 1975 (March 01 1975)EventColour television transmissions begin in Australia.
March 1st, 1974 (March 01 1974)EventWatergate scandal: Seven are indicted for their role in the Watergate break-in and charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice.
March 1st, 1974 (March 01 1974)BirthMark-Paul Gosselaar, American actor
March 1st, 1974 (March 01 1974)BirthStephen Davis, American football player
March 1st, 1974 (March 01 1974)DeathBobby Timmons, American jazz pianist (born in 1935)
March 1st, 1973 (March 01 1973)EventBlack September terrorists storm the Saudi embassy in Khartoum, Sudan resulting in the 1973 Khartoum diplomatic assassinations.
March 1st, 1973 (March 01 1973)BirthJack Davenport, English actor
March 1st, 1973 (March 01 1973)BirthRyan Peake, Canadian guitarist (Nickelback)
March 1st, 1973 (March 01 1973)BirthCarlo Resoort, Dutch DJ
March 1st, 1973 (March 01 1973)BirthChris Webber, American basketball player
March 1st, 1972 (March 01 1972)EventThe Thai province of Yasothon is created after being split off from the Ubon Ratchathani province.
March 1st, 1971 (March 01 1971)EventA bomb explodes in a men s room in the United States Capitol: the Weather Underground claims responsibility.
March 1st, 1971 (March 01 1971)EventPakistani President Yahya Khan indefinitely postpones the pending national assembly session, precipitating massive civil disobedience in East Pakistan.
March 1st, 1971 (March 01 1971)BirthTyler Hamilton, American cyclist
March 1st, 1970 (March 01 1970)DeathLucille Hegamin, American singer and entertainer (born in 1894)
March 1st, 1969 (March 01 1969)BirthJavier Bardem, Spanish actor
March 1st, 1969 (March 01 1969)BirthDoug Creek, American baseball player
March 1st, 1969 (March 01 1969)BirthDafydd Ieuan, Welsh drummer (Super Furry Animals)
March 1st, 1967 (March 01 1967)BirthYelena Afanasyeva, Russian athlete
March 1st, 1967 (March 01 1967)BirthGeorge Eads, American actor
March 1st, 1967 (March 01 1967)BirthAron Winter, Dutch footballer
March 1st, 1966 (March 01 1966)EventVenera 3 Soviet space probe crashes on Venus becoming the first spacecraft to land on another planet s surface.
March 1st, 1966 (March 01 1966)EventThe Ba ath Party takes power in Syria.
March 1st, 1966 (March 01 1966)BirthSusan Auch, Canadian speed-skater
March 1st, 1966 (March 01 1966)DeathFritz Houtermans, German physicist (born in 1903)
March 1st, 1965 (March 01 1965)BirthStewart Elliott, Canadian jockey
March 1st, 1965 (March 01 1965)BirthBooker Huffman, American professional wrestler
March 1st, 1965 (March 01 1965)BirthMary Lou Lord, American singer/songwriter
March 1st, 1964 (March 01 1964)BirthPaul Le Guen, French football manager
March 1st, 1964 (March 01 1964)BirthClinton Gregory, American musician
March 1st, 1963 (March 01 1963)BirthRob Affuso, American drummer
March 1st, 1963 (March 01 1963)BirthThomas Anders, German singer (Modern Talking)
March 1st, 1963 (March 01 1963)BirthRon Francis, Canadian ice hockey player
March 1st, 1963 (March 01 1963)BirthDan Michaels, American musician and record producer
March 1st, 1963 (March 01 1963)DeathIrish Meusel, American baseball player (born in 1893)
March 1st, 1963 (March 01 1963)DeathJorge Daponte, Argentine racing driver (born in 1923)
March 1st, 1962 (March 01 1962)EventAmerican Airlines Flight 1 crashes on take off in New York.
March 1st, 1961 (March 01 1961)EventPresident of the United States John F. Kennedy establishes the Peace Corps.John F. Kennedy Quotes
March 1st, 1961 (March 01 1961)EventUganda becomes self-governing and holds its first elections.
March 1st, 1960 (March 01 1960)BirthWilliam Bennett, English musician (Whitehouse)
March 1st, 1958 (March 01 1958)EventSamuel Alphonsus Stritch, is appointed Pro-Prefect of the Propagation of Faith and thus becomes the first American member of the Roman Curia.
March 1st, 1958 (March 01 1958)EventTurkish passenger ship Uskudar capsized and sank at Izmit Bay, Kocaeli, Turkey, killing at least 300.
March 1st, 1958 (March 01 1958)BirthBertrand Piccard, Swiss balloonist and psychiatrist
March 1st, 1958 (March 01 1958)BirthNik Kershaw, English musician
March 1st, 1958 (March 01 1958)BirthChosei Komatsu, Japanese conductor
March 1st, 1956 (March 01 1956)EventThe International Air Transport Association finalizes a draft of the Radiotelephony spelling alphabet for the International Civil Aviation Organization.
March 1st, 1956 (March 01 1956)Eventformation of the National People s Army
March 1st, 1956 (March 01 1956)BirthTimothy Daly, American actor
March 1st, 1954 (March 01 1954)EventNuclear testing: The Castle Bravo, a 15-megaton hydrogen bomb, is detonated on Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean, resulting in the worst radioactive contamination ever caused by the United States.
March 1st, 1954 (March 01 1954)EventPuerto Rican nationalists attack the United States Capitol building, injuring five Representatives. (See U.S. Capitol shooting incident (1954).)
March 1st, 1954 (March 01 1954)BirthCatherine Bach, American actress
March 1st, 1954 (March 01 1954)BirthRon Howard, American actor and director
March 1st, 1953 (March 01 1953)EventJoseph Stalin suffers a stroke and collapses. He dies four days later.Joseph Stalin Quotes
March 1st, 1953 (March 01 1953)BirthRichard Bruton, Irish politician and economist
March 1st, 1952 (March 01 1952)BirthSteven Barnes, American writer
March 1st, 1952 (March 01 1952)BirthLeigh Matthews, Australian rules footballer
March 1st, 1952 (March 01 1952)BirthMartin O Neill, Northern Irish footballer and manager
March 1st, 1952 (March 01 1952)DeathMariano Azuela, Mexican novelist (born in 1873)
March 1st, 1950 (March 01 1950)EventCold War: Klaus Fuchs is convicted of spying for the Soviet Union by disclosing top secret atomic bomb data.
March 1st, 1949 (March 01 1949)EventIndonesia seizes Yogyakarta from the Dutch.
March 1st, 1948 (March 01 1948)BirthBurning Spear, Jamaican singer and musician
March 1st, 1947 (March 01 1947)EventThe International Monetary Fund begins financial operations.
March 1st, 1947 (March 01 1947)BirthAlan Thicke, Canadian actor and songwriter
March 1st, 1946 (March 01 1946)EventThe Bank of England is nationalised.
March 1st, 1946 (March 01 1946)BirthLana Wood, American actress
March 1st, 1946 (March 01 1946)BirthGerry Boulet, French-Canadian singer (died in 1990)
March 1st, 1946 (March 01 1946)BirthElvin Bethea, American football player
March 1st, 1945 (March 01 1945)BirthDirk Benedict, American actor
March 1st, 1944 (March 01 1944)BirthJohn Breaux, U.S. Senator from Louisiana
March 1st, 1944 (March 01 1944)BirthMike d Abo, English singer (Manfred Mann)
March 1st, 1944 (March 01 1944)BirthRoger Daltrey, English musician (The Who)
March 1st, 1943 (March 01 1943)EventWorld War II: Battle of Bismarck Sea begins.
March 1st, 1943 (March 01 1943)BirthGil Amelio, American venture capitalist
March 1st, 1943 (March 01 1943)BirthAkinori Nakayama, Japanese gymnast
March 1st, 1943 (March 01 1943)BirthRichard H. Price, American physicist
March 1st, 1943 (March 01 1943)BirthRashid Sunyaev, Russian physicist
March 1st, 1943 (March 01 1943)BirthJose Angel Iribar, Spanish footballer
March 1st, 1943 (March 01 1943)DeathAlexandre Yersin, Swiss physician (born in 1863)
March 1st, 1942 (March 01 1942)BirthRichard Bowman Myers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
March 1st, 1942 (March 01 1942)DeathGeorge S. Rentz, Navy Chaplain (born in 1882)
March 1st, 1941 (March 01 1941)EventWorld War II: Bulgaria signs the Tripartite Pact, allying itself with the Axis powers.
March 1st, 1941 (March 01 1941)EventW47NV (now known as WSM-FM) begins operations in Nashville, Tennessee becoming the first FM radio station in the U.S..
March 1st, 1940 (March 01 1940)BirthRobert Grossman, American illustrator
March 1st, 1940 (March 01 1940)DeathAnton Hansen Tammsaare, Estonian author (born in 1878)
March 1st, 1939 (March 01 1939)EventJapanese Imperial Army ammunition dump exploded at Hirakata, Osaka, Japan, killing 94.
March 1st, 1939 (March 01 1939)BirthLeo Brouwer, Cuban composer and guitarist
March 1st, 1938 (March 01 1938)DeathGabriele D Annunzio, Italian writer, war hero, and politician (born in 1863)
March 1st, 1937 (March 01 1937)BirthJed Allan, American actor
March 1st, 1936 (March 01 1936)EventThe Hoover Dam is completed.
March 1st, 1936 (March 01 1936)EventA strike occurs aboard the S.S. California, leading to the demise of the International Seamen s Union and the creation of the National Maritime Union.
March 1st, 1936 (March 01 1936)BirthMonique Begin, French-Canadian politician
March 1st, 1936 (March 01 1936)BirthJean-Edern Hallier, French author (died in 1997)
March 1st, 1936 (March 01 1936)DeathMikhail Kuzmin, Russian writer (born in 1871)
March 1st, 1935 (March 01 1935)BirthRobert Conrad, American actor
March 1st, 1933 (March 01 1933)DeathUladzimir Zylka, Belarusian poet (born in 1900)
March 1st, 1932 (March 01 1932)EventThe son of Charles Lindbergh, Charles Augustus Lindbergh III, is kidnapped.
March 1st, 1932 (March 01 1932)DeathFrank Teschemacher, American jazz clarinettist (born in 1906)
March 1st, 1930 (March 01 1930)BirthGastone Nencini, Italian cyclist (died in 1980)
March 1st, 1929 (March 01 1929)BirthGeorgi Markov, Bulgarian dissident (died in 1978)
March 1st, 1929 (March 01 1929)DeathRoyal H. Weller, American politician (born in 1881)
March 1st, 1928 (March 01 1928)BirthSeymour Papert, South African mathematician
March 1st, 1928 (March 01 1928)BirthJacques Rivette, French film director
March 1st, 1927 (March 01 1927)BirthHarry Belafonte, American musician and activist
March 1st, 1927 (March 01 1927)BirthRobert Bork, American legal scholar
March 1st, 1926 (March 01 1926)BirthRobert Clary, French-born actor
March 1st, 1926 (March 01 1926)BirthPete Rozelle, American commissioner of the NFL (died in 1996)
March 1st, 1926 (March 01 1926)BirthCesare Danova, Italian-born American actor (died in 1992)
March 1st, 1924 (March 01 1924)BirthDeke Slayton, American astronaut (died in 1993)
March 1st, 1923 (March 01 1923)BirthKuczka Peter, Hungarian writer and editor (died in 1999)
March 1st, 1922 (March 01 1922)BirthWilliam Gaines, American publisher (died in 1992)
March 1st, 1922 (March 01 1922)BirthYitzhak Rabin, Prime Minister of Israel, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (died in 1995)Yitzhak Rabin Quotes
March 1st, 1922 (March 01 1922)DeathRafael Moreno Aranzadi, Spanish footballer (born in 1892)
March 1st, 1921 (March 01 1921)BirthTerence Cardinal Cooke, American Catholic archbishop (died in 1983)
March 1st, 1921 (March 01 1921)BirthRichard Wilbur, American poet
March 1st, 1920 (March 01 1920)BirthHoward Nemerov, American poet (died in 1991)
March 1st, 1920 (March 01 1920)BirthMax Bentley, Canadian ice hockey player (died in 1984)
March 1st, 1920 (March 01 1920)DeathJohn H. Bankhead, U.S. Senator (born in 1842)
March 1st, 1920 (March 01 1920)DeathJoseph Trumpeldor, Russian Zionist (born in 1880)
March 1st, 1919 (March 01 1919)EventMarch 1st Movement begins in Korea.
March 1st, 1918 (March 01 1918)BirthRoger Delgado, English actor (died in 1973)
March 1st, 1918 (March 01 1918)BirthJoao Goulart, President of Brazil (died in 1976)
March 1st, 1918 (March 01 1918)BirthGladys Noon Spellman, American politician (died in 1988)
March 1st, 1917 (March 01 1917)EventU.S. government releases the plaintext of the Zimmermann Telegram to the public.
March 1st, 1917 (March 01 1917)BirthRobert Lowell, American poet (died in 1977)Robert Lowell Quotes
March 1st, 1914 (March 01 1914)EventThe Republic of China joins the Universal Postal Union.
March 1st, 1914 (March 01 1914)BirthHarry Caray, American sportscaster (died in 1998)
March 1st, 1914 (March 01 1914)DeathGilbert Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound, 4th Earl of Minto (born in 1845)
March 1st, 1913 (March 01 1913)BirthRalph Ellison, American writer (died in 1994)Ralph Ellison Quotes
March 1st, 1912 (March 01 1912)EventAlbert Berry makes the first parachute jump from a moving airplane.
March 1st, 1912 (March 01 1912)BirthGerald Emmett Cardinal Carter, archbishop of Toronto (died in 2003)
March 1st, 1912 (March 01 1912)DeathGeorge Grossmith, English actor and comic writer (born in 1847)George Grossmith Quotes
March 1st, 1911 (March 01 1911)DeathJacobus Henricus van t Hoff, Dutch chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1852)
March 1st, 1910 (March 01 1910)BirthArcher John Porter Martin, English chemist, Nobel laureate (died in 2002)John Martin Quotes
March 1st, 1910 (March 01 1910)BirthDavid Niven, English actor (died in 1983)
March 1st, 1906 (March 01 1906)DeathJose Maria de Pereda, Spanish novelist (born in 1833)
March 1st, 1905 (March 01 1905)BirthDoris Hare, Welsh actress (died in 2000)
March 1st, 1904 (March 01 1904)BirthPaul Hartman, American actor (died in 1973)
March 1st, 1904 (March 01 1904)BirthGlenn Miller, American bandleader (died in 1944)
March 1st, 1899 (March 01 1899)BirthErich von dem Bach, Nazi official (died in 1972)Erich von dem Bach Quotes
March 1st, 1898 (March 01 1898)DeathGeorge Bruce Malleson, English officer in India, author (born in 1825)
March 1st, 1896 (March 01 1896)EventBattle of Adowa: an Ethiopian army defeats an outnumbered Italian force, ending the First Italo-Ethiopian War.
March 1st, 1896 (March 01 1896)EventHenri Becquerel discovers radioactivity.
March 1st, 1896 (March 01 1896)BirthDimitris Mitropoulos, Greek conductor and composer (died in 1960)
March 1st, 1896 (March 01 1896)BirthMoriz Seeler, German writer and producer (died in 1942)
March 1st, 1893 (March 01 1893)BirthMercedes de Acosta, American socialite (died in 1968)
March 1st, 1892 (March 01 1892)BirthRyunosuke Akutagawa, Japanese writer (died in 1927)
March 1st, 1889 (March 01 1889)BirthWatsuji Tetsuro, Japanese philosopher (died in 1960) Philo Quotes
March 1st, 1888 (March 01 1888)BirthEwart Astill, English cricketer (died in 1948)
March 1st, 1886 (March 01 1886)EventThe Anglo-Chinese School, Singapore is founded by Bishop William Oldham.
March 1st, 1886 (March 01 1886)BirthOskar Kokoschka, Austrian painter and poet (died in 1980)
March 1st, 1884 (March 01 1884)DeathIsaac Todhunter, English mathematician (born in 1820)
March 1st, 1880 (March 01 1880)BirthGiles Lytton Strachey British writer (died in 1932)Lytton Strachey Quotes
March 1st, 1879 (March 01 1879)DeathJoachim Heer, Swiss politician (born in 1825)
March 1st, 1878 (March 01 1878)EventFirst winter ascent of Aneto
March 1st, 1876 (March 01 1876)BirthHenri de Baillet-Latour, Belgian IOC president (died in 1942)
March 1st, 1875 (March 01 1875)DeathTristan Corbiere, French poet (born in 1845)
March 1st, 1873 (March 01 1873)EventE. Remington and Sons in Ilion, New York begins production of the first practical typewriter.
March 1st, 1872 (March 01 1872)EventYellowstone National Park is established as the world s first national park.
March 1st, 1871 (March 01 1871)BirthBen Harney, American composer and ragtime pianist (died in 1938)
March 1st, 1867 (March 01 1867)EventNebraska becomes the 37th U.S. state; Lancaster, Nebraska is renamed Lincoln and becomes the state capital.
March 1st, 1865 (March 01 1865)BirthAbe Iso, Japanese politician (died in 1949)
March 1st, 1863 (March 01 1863)BirthAlexander Golovin, Russian painter (died in 1930)
March 1st, 1862 (March 01 1862)DeathPeter Barlow, English mathematician (born in 1776)
March 1st, 1858 (March 01 1858)BirthGeorg Simmel, German sociologist and philosopher (died in 1918) Philo Quotes
March 1st, 1854 (March 01 1854)EventGerman psychologist Friedrich Eduard Beneke disappears; two years later his remains are found in a canal near Charlottenburg.
March 1st, 1852 (March 01 1852)EventArchibald William Montgomerie, 13th Earl of Eglinton appointed Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.
March 1st, 1852 (March 01 1852)BirthTheophile Delcasse, French statesman (died in 1923)
March 1st, 1848 (March 01 1848)BirthAugustus Saint-Gaudens, Irish-born American sculptor (died in 1907)
March 1st, 1847 (March 01 1847)EventThe state of Michigan formally abolishes capital punishment.
March 1st, 1845 (March 01 1845)EventPresident John Tyler signs a bill authorizing the United States to annex the Republic of Texas.John Tyler Quotes
March 1st, 1842 (March 01 1842)BirthNicholaos Gysis, Greek painter (died in 1901)
March 1st, 1841 (March 01 1841)DeathClaude Victor-Perrin, duc de Belluno, French marshal (born in 1764)
March 1st, 1840 (March 01 1840)EventAdolphe Thiers becomes prime minister of France.
March 1st, 1837 (March 01 1837)BirthWilliam Dean Howells, American writer, historian, and politician (died in 1920)William Dean Howells Quotes
March 1st, 1836 (March 01 1836)EventA Convention of delegates from 57 Texas communities convenes in Washington-on-the-Brazos, Texas, to deliberate independence from Mexico.
March 1st, 1821 (March 01 1821)BirthJoseph Hubert Reinkens, German Catholic bishop (died in 1896)
March 1st, 1817 (March 01 1817)BirthGiovanni Dupre, Italian sculptor (died in 1882)
March 1st, 1815 (March 01 1815)EventNapoleon returns to France from his banishment on Elba.
March 1st, 1812 (March 01 1812)BirthAugustus Pugin, English-born architect (died in 1852)
March 1st, 1811 (March 01 1811)EventLeaders of the Mameluke dynasty are killed by Egyptian ruler Muhammad Ali.Muhammad Ali Quotes
March 1st, 1810 (March 01 1810)BirthFrederic Chopin, Polish-French composer and pianist (died in 1849)
March 1st, 1807 (March 01 1807)BirthWilford Woodruff, fourth president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (died in 1898) Jesus Christ Quotes
March 1st, 1805 (March 01 1805)EventJustice Samuel Chase is acquitted at the end of his impeachment trial by the U.S. Senate.
March 1st, 1803 (March 01 1803)EventOhio is admitted as the 17th U.S. state.
March 1st, 1792 (March 01 1792)DeathLeopold II, Holy Roman Emperor (born in 1747)
March 1st, 1790 (March 01 1790)EventThe first United States census is authorized.
March 1st, 1781 (March 01 1781)EventThe Continental Congress adopts the Articles of Confederation.
March 1st, 1777 (March 01 1777)DeathGeorg Christoph Wagenseil, Austrian composer (born in 1715)
March 1st, 1773 (March 01 1773)DeathLuigi Vanvitelli, Italian architect (born in 1700)
March 1st, 1769 (March 01 1769)BirthFrancois Severin Marceau-Desgraviers, French general (died in 1796)
March 1st, 1768 (March 01 1768)DeathHermann Samuel Reimarus, German philosopher and writer (born in 1694) Philo Quotes
March 1st, 1760 (March 01 1760)BirthFrancois Nicolas Leonard Buzot, French revolutionary (died in 1794)
March 1st, 1757 (March 01 1757)DeathEdward Moore, English writer (born in 1712)Edward Moore Quotes
March 1st, 1734 (March 01 1734)DeathRoger North, English biographer (born in 1653)
March 1st, 1732 (March 01 1732)BirthWilliam Cushing, 2nd Chief Justice of the United States. (died in 1810)
March 1st, 1706 (March 01 1706)DeathHeino Heinrich Graf von Flemming, German field marshal and Governor of Berlin (born in 1632)
March 1st, 1700 (March 01 1700)EventSweden introduces its own Swedish calendar, in an attempt to gradually merge into the Gregorian calendar, reverts to the Julian calendar on this date in 1712, and introduces the Gregorian Calendar on this date in 1753. Julian Quotes
March 1st, 1697 (March 01 1697)DeathFrancesco Redi, Italian physician (born in 1626)
March 1st, 1692 (March 01 1692)EventSarah Good, Sarah Osborne and Tituba are brought before local magistrates in Salem Village, Massachusetts, beginning what would become known as the Salem witch trials.
March 1st, 1683 (March 01 1683)BirthCaroline of Ansbach, wife of George II of Great Britain (died in 1737) George II of Great Britain Quotes
March 1st, 1661 (March 01 1661)DeathRichard Zouch, English jurist (born in 1590)
March 1st, 1657 (March 01 1657)BirthSamuel Werenfels, Swiss theologian (died in 1740)
March 1st, 1643 (March 01 1643)DeathGirolamo Frescobaldi, Italian composer (born in 1583)
March 1st, 1642 (March 01 1642)EventGeorgeana, Massachusetts (now known as York, Maine) becomes the first incorporated city in the USA.
March 1st, 1633 (March 01 1633)EventSamuel de Champlain reclaims his role as commander of New France on behalf of Cardinal Richelieu.Cardinal Richelieu Quotes
March 1st, 1633 (March 01 1633)DeathGeorge Herbert, English poet and orator (born in 1593)George Herbert Quotes
March 1st, 1628 (March 01 1628)EventWrits are issued in February by Charles I of England mandating that every county in England (not just seaport towns) pay ship tax by this date.
March 1st, 1620 (March 01 1620)DeathThomas Campion, English poet and composer (born in 1567)Thomas Campion Quotes
March 1st, 1610 (March 01 1610)BirthJohn Pell, English mathematician (died in 1685)
March 1st, 1597 (March 01 1597)BirthJean-Charles de la Faille, Belgian mathematician (died in 1652)
March 1st, 1593 (March 01 1593)EventThe Uppsala Synod is summoned to confirm the exact forms of the Lutheran Church of Sweden.
March 1st, 1565 (March 01 1565)EventThe city of Rio de Janeiro is founded.
March 1st, 1562 (March 01 1562)EventOver 1,000 Huguenots are massacred by Catholics in Wassy, France, marking the start of the French Wars of Religion.
March 1st, 1547 (March 01 1547)BirthRudolph Goclenius, German philosopher (died in 1628) Philo Quotes
March 1st, 1546 (March 01 1546)DeathGeorge Wishart, Scottish religious reformer (martyred) (b 1513)
March 1st, 1536 (March 01 1536)DeathBernardo Accolti, Italian poet (born in 1465)
March 1st, 1510 (March 01 1510)DeathFrancisco de Almeida, Portuguese soldier and explorer
March 1st, 1474 (March 01 1474)BirthAngela Merici, Italian nun (died in 1540)
March 1st, 1457 (March 01 1457)EventThe Unitas Fratrum is established in the village of Kunvald, on the Bohemian-Moravian borderlandied in It is to date the second oldest Protestant denomination.
March 1st, 1456 (March 01 1456)BirthKing Ladislaus II of Bohemia and Hungary (died in 1516)
March 1st, 1445 (March 01 1445)BirthSandro Botticelli, Italian painter (died in 1510)
March 1st, 1432 (March 01 1432)BirthIsabel of Coimbra, queen of Portugal (died in 1455)
March 1st, 1383 (March 01 1383)DeathAmadeus VI of Savoy (born in 1334)
March 1st, 1244 (March 01 1244)DeathGruffydd ap Llywelyn Fawr, son of Llywelyn the Great (born in 1200)
March 1st, 1233 (March 01 1233)DeathCount Thomas I of Savoy (born in 1178)
March 1st, 1131 (March 01 1131)DeathKing Stephen II of Hungary (born in 1101)Stephen King Quotes
March 1st, 0986 (March 01 0986)DeathKing Lothair of France (born in 941)
March 1st, 0589 (March 01 0589)DeathSaint David, Patron Saint of Wales (born in 500)
March 1st, 0317 (March 01 0317)EventCrispus and Constantine II, sons of Roman Emperor Constantine I, and Licinius Iunior, son of Emperor Licinius, are made Caesares
March 1st, 0293 (March 01 0293)EventRoman Emperors Diocletian and Maximian appoint Constantius Chlorus and Galerius as Caesares, thus beginning the Tetrarchy.
March 1st, 0286 (March 01 0286)EventRoman Emperor Diocletian raises Maximian to the rank of Caesar.

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